Waarom de verderfelijke teksten van de Christchurch-terrorist helaas niet te negeren zijn

Dimitri Tokmetzis op De Correspondent:

Wie zich verdiept in online media weet allang: de ideologische voedingsbodem is er al. En het uitspitten van dit manifest kan helpen om grip op deze extreme denkbeelden te krijgen, om ze te leren herkennen.

Marie Kondo Your Twitter Feed

Tokimeki Unfollow lijkt een geweldig handige tool:

Take a deep breath! Let’s look at your follows together, one by one, and think about if each one still sparks joy, intrigue, inspiration, or is in any way still important to you. If not, hit that Unfollow button!

Ik deed het een tijdje geleden zelf manueel:

(via Swiss Miss)

The strongmen strike back

Epische longread van Robert Kagan als opinie voor The Washington Post:

Much more is at risk than our privacy. We have been living with the comforting myth that the great progress we have witnessed in human behavior since the mid-20th century, the reductions in violence, in the brutality of the state, in torture, in mass killing, cannot be reversed. There can be no more holocausts; no more genocides; no more Stalinist gulags. We insist on believing there is a new floor below which people and governments cannot sink. But this is just another illusion born in the era that is now passing.

A Mass Murder of, and for, the Internet

Kevin Roose op The New York Times:

There is no offline equivalent of the experience of being algorithmically nudged toward a more strident version of your existing beliefs, or having an invisible hand steer you from gaming videos to neo-Nazism. The internet is now the place where the seeds of extremism are planted and watered, where platform incentives guide creators toward the ideological poles, and where people with hateful and violent beliefs can find and feed off one another.

What Chris Cox’s departure means for Facebook

Casey Newton op The Verge:

When the history of Facebook is written, mark down March 14th, 2019 as the end of the News Feed era. Cox helped design the first iterations of the News Feed and oversaw it during its most successful phase. It will not disappear overnight, and at its enormous scale may demonstrate a Yahoo-like endurance. But with Cox’s departure, its days as the central organizing principle of Facebook are now officially behind it.