The former lead designer of Gmail just fixed Gmail on his own

Fast Company: Simplify cuts down on the visual noise of Gmail’s right and left sidebars, eliminating them, and hiding them under pull-up and drop-down menus. It moves all of the core functions–like delete and archive–to the top bar. And there’s a lot of room on top to take advantage of, since Simplify gets rid of […]

‘We hebben het recht om te weten wie ons met advertenties bestookt, ook online’

PJ Van Leemputten heeft overschot van gelijk: Hoeveel transparanter zouden (politieke) advertenties zijn mochten we simpelweg weten welk individu ze plaatst of er de opdracht voor geeft? Maar dit viel me toch ook op: Die grote bedrijven halen hun informatie ook ergens. En ja, je zou bij een advertentie moeten kunnen zie wie daarvoor betaald […]

The Habit of Calm When You’re Feeling Frustrated

Leo Babauta: From this place, notice the other person — they are acting the way they’re acting because they are feeling some kind of pain themselves. Maybe they’re feeling insecure, anxious, worried about the future. Maybe they are hurt by something you did and are themselves lashing out in frustration. Well, you can understand that! […]

‘Pete For America’ Design Toolkit

Pete Buttigieg (lees: “boet etsj etsj”) is kandidaat om de Democratische presidentskandidaat van de VS te worden. En daar hoort een design bij. En dat is niet alleen bloedmooi, maar wordt ook nog eens gewéldig aangeboden in alle kleuren, vormen en maten op deze Design Toolkit-website. I love it Als je zelfs van je onuitspreekbare […]

Pornhub’s Beesexual Campaign Buzzes With Beerotica To Help Save The Bees

Forbes: The point is that Pornhub is once again behaving better than more corporations these days, reaching out to our hearts and minds rather than just our genitals in order to bring awareness to something that is damaging this world. Natuurlijk kennen we het bedrijf niet 🤥, maar die hun marketing is toch echt van […]

The End Of Empathy

NPR: In the past 20 years, psychologists and neurologists have started to look at how empathy actually works, in our brains and our hearts, when we’re not thinking about it. And one thing they’ve found is that “one of the strongest triggers for human empathy is observing some kind of conflict between two other parties,” […]

Inside Twitter’s ambitious plan to clean up its platform

Recode: In a separate study still under review about how news stories are passed around the internet like a giant game of telephone, Melumad and her colleagues found that as stories get further from their initial source, people know fewer and fewer details about what actually happened. So they offer up their opinions instead.