The Tinder Svindler

Ongelooflijk verhaal van een con artist op Tinder door deze Zweedse journalisten. De man vliegt in privéjets, rijdt in Ferrari’s en slaapt in de sjiekste hotels met nieuwe dames, terwijl de kosten worden gemaakt op kredietkaarten van z’n vorige slachtoffers. De man loopt nog steeds vrij rond, ondanks klachten en veroordelingen in verschillende landen. Ook […]

The ‘Momo challenge’ isn’t a viral danger to children online. But it sure is viral.

The Washington Post: Momo was perfectly tuned to set off alarms in the mind of any parent: There’s something online that you don’t know about, and it’s about to kill or traumatize your child. Just one problem: There’s little evidence to confirm that the Momo challenge is real. Although multiple deaths are often attributed to […]

Young climate strikers can win their fight. We must all help

George Monbiot op The Guardian: This one has to succeed. It is not just that the youth climate strike, now building worldwide with tremendous speed, is our best (and possibly our last) hope of avoiding catastrophe. It is also that the impacts on the young people themselves, if their mobilisation and hopes collapse so early in […]

When Algorithms Think You Want to Die

WIRED klaagt de recommendation engines van de sociale netwerken aan: Social media users receive recommendations—or, as Pinterest affectionately calls them, “things you might love”—intended to give them a personalized, supposedly more enjoyable experience. Search for home inspiration and soon the platform will populate your feed with pictures of paint samples and recommend amateur interior designers […]

On Shallow Work

Dit verhaal van Justin Seymour is pijnlijk herkenbaar: There’s no durability to this kind of work; everything is fleeting. But isn’t this the plight of the modern knowledge worker? “Deep work” is our pipe dream. Of nog: I’ve started to treat all non-screen time as screen recovery time. I crave silence, for as long as I can […]

Why I Deleted All of My Social Media and 60,000 Followers

Nick Fancher: Personally, I am someone who gleans much of my information through external data points. I overthink everything. This makes social media a minefield for someone like me. I would analyze likes and follows and unfollows and draw conclusions based on what were likely benign engagements, and I would arrive at concrete and final […]