Zuckerberg Plans to Integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger

The New York Times: To assuage concerns, Mr. Zuckerberg called a follow-up meeting with WhatsApp employees a few days later, three of the people said. On Dec. 7, employees gathered around microphones at the WhatsApp offices to ask him why he was so invested in merging the services. Some said his answers were vague and […]

For AirPods early adopters, Apple’s hit wireless earbuds are showing their age

Zac Hall op 9to5mac: But batteries are consumable, we all know so well now, and that’s proven true for the tiny batteries inside AirPods after two years of daily use. Battery life that once exceeded five hours now struggles to power AirPods through three hours of continuous usage at the same volume. Exact hetzelfde: vroeger […]

We Are Bad at Moderation (Or: Why I’m Deleting Twitter and Instagram From my iPhone)

Shawn Blanc: And can you guess the thing in my life which I consider to be not very essential but which is receiving more of my time and attention than I think it deserves? Social media. Ik heb het tijdens de kerstvakantie geprobeerd en daarna terug hervallen.Na het lezen van deze blogpost toch terug Twitter […]

The Cost of Living in Mark Zuckerberg’s Internet Empire

Brian Phillips op The Ringer: It was the year of Mark Zuckerberg because people who were once thrilled by the internet now talk about it in a tone that combines gallows humor, weary resignation, and a kind of cynicism toward the possibility of mercy. It was the year of Mark Zuckerberg because people in their […]

ᐉ Dear music streaming services, give me less to choose from.

It’s that time of year again where you evaluate a lot of what you did last year. Things that went well, things that could improve. One of the areas where I’m forever doubting choices made is in the music streaming service I use. It so happens that I have a Spotify family plan, which I […]