Apple Readies Camera-Focused Pro iPhones, New iPads, Larger MacBook Pro

Mark Gurman, nu bij Bloomberg, is de man die je moet kennen voor de beste lekken uit Cupertino. Niet echt veel wereldschokkends dat eraan komt, maar dit vind ik zelf wel echt extreem vet: The high-end handsets will have significantly upgraded video recording capabilities, getting them closer to professional video cameras. Apple has developed a feature that allow users to […]

You’re probably making incorrect assumptions about your opposing political party

Arthur C. Brooks in de Washington Post: People who consume news media “most of the time” are almost three times as inaccurate in their understanding of others’ views as those who consume news “only now and then,” the study found. This is almost certainly a function of partisans’ compulsive consumption of media sources that support […]

The rise and fall of French cuisine

Wendell Steavenson in The Guardian: I remember having an argument with my French boyfriend because I suggested marinating the chicken for dinner in yoghurt and cumin. Boyfriend threw up his arms in alarm. “But isn’t the point to taste the chicken?” Furious and foreign, I replied: “No! It’s just the opposite! Cooking is about messing […]