Het was september 2014 toen we onze eerste grote, lange reis maakten. New York was het beginpunt van drie weken langs de oostkust van de Verenigde Staten. The Big Apple, de hoofdstad van één van mijn lievelingsgerechten: de bagel. En zodoende kwam het dat ik in de weken in aanloop van onze reis had opgezocht […]

Notes from a Remarkable Political Moment for Climate Change

Bill McKibben in The New Yorker: Political reality is always important, but in this case there’s something more crucial—call it just plain reality. It dictates that every step we take from here on pay heed to the underlying science, above all to the shrinking time we have left to make any real difference. After thirty […]

What Happened After My 13-Year-Old Son Joined the Alt-Right

Een moeder in The Washingtonian: I began to see how white supremacists have been benefiting from what the writer Carole Cadwalladr has called the “circular knowledge economy”—how search algorithms feed an internet so ravenous for content that facts are optional. But worse, I discovered how expertly extremists have leveraged the web to prey on young […]

How CNN’s Town Hall Industrial Complex Is Shaping The 2020 Race

Claire Malone van FiveThirtyEight: As a political journalist, I’ve realized an unfortunate, stomach-dropping thing: An awful lot of what we cover is pseudo-events. Political conventions, speeches, candidates buying doughnuts in New Hampshire in front of 15 television cameras and five confused bystanders: It’s all manufactured.

Le Cannonier: de Bermudadriehoek van Operatie Propere Handen

Jeroen Denaeghel in Humo: Mijn voorspelling: er zullen een pak onfrisse liaisons tussen Veljkovic en voetbalbobo’s boven water komen, maar er zal geen spaander van het matchfixingverhaal overeind blijven. In die bewuste weken van maart 2018 heeft Veljkovic zijn hand overspeeld. Hij mocht dan wel aan de bestuursleden van KV Mechelen beloven dat spelers en […]

Security lapse exposed a Chinese smart city surveillance system

Techcrunch: “The weaponization and abuse of A.I. is a very real threat to the privacy and security of every individual,” said Wethington. “We should carefully look at how this technology is already being abused by other countries and businesses before permitting them to be deployed here.”