When Algorithms Think You Want to Die

WIRED klaagt de recommendation engines van de sociale netwerken aan: Social media users receive recommendations—or, as Pinterest affectionately calls them, “things you might love”—intended to give them a personalized, supposedly more enjoyable experience. Search for home inspiration and soon the platform will populate your feed with pictures of paint samples and recommend amateur interior designers […]

On Shallow Work

Dit verhaal van Justin Seymour is pijnlijk herkenbaar: There’s no durability to this kind of work; everything is fleeting. But isn’t this the plight of the modern knowledge worker? “Deep work” is our pipe dream. Of nog: I’ve started to treat all non-screen time as screen recovery time. I crave silence, for as long as I can […]

Why I Deleted All of My Social Media and 60,000 Followers

Nick Fancher: Personally, I am someone who gleans much of my information through external data points. I overthink everything. This makes social media a minefield for someone like me. I would analyze likes and follows and unfollows and draw conclusions based on what were likely benign engagements, and I would arrive at concrete and final […]

Four-day week: trial finds lower stress and increased productivity

The Guardian: Analysis of one of the biggest trials yet of the four-day working week has revealed no fall in output, reduced stress and increased staff engagement, fuelling hopes that a better work-life balance for millions could be in sight. Ondertussen bij VoucherCloud: The study asked then asked respondents, ‘If you had to state a […]