A Week On The Wrist: Apple Watch Series 4

Horlogemagazine Hodinkee maakt een review van de nieuwe Apple Watch. En dat is altijd een interessante insteek als niet-echt-tech-website.

So whether you’re someone still wandering around with a naked wrist, checking the time by pulling out your phones like it’s a new-age pocket watch, or a die-hard watch collector who can’t imagine giving up their mechanical marvels, I think it’s high time you give the Apple Watch a shot.

Ook bij The New York Times schreven ze een review:

While the Apple Watch Series 4 is a solid piece of technology and another step toward the maturity of wearable computers, I wouldn’t recommend it for people who are considering a smart watch for the first time.

Here’s why: $399 is a stiff price to pay for a gadget with lightweight utility. Fortunately, Apple is selling its older Series 3 watch, which I rated as a great product last year, for $279. Now is a good time to get the older one.

The Verge natuurlijk ook:

With apologies to the new iPhones, the Apple Watch Series 4 was the most impressive thing Apple announced last week. After using it for the past week or so, I think it lives up to the hype.

En deze video review van Rene Ritchie’s Vector is ook aan te raden:

Fall Skirmish Announcement

Ik was heel grote fan van de Summer Skirmish van Fortnite. Vooral het laatste weekend op PAX West was smullen. Nu de Fall Skirmish is aangekondigd, weet ik weet wat kijken dit najaar (naast veldrijden, NFL, MLB, voetbal en andere).

Interessant twist: er komen niet enkel wedstrijden maar ook ‘entertainment’:

The new approach for Fall Skirmish will include both Competitive and Entertainment play formats. We’re looking to incorporate some of these new formats into our large-scale events in 2019. During Fall Skirmish, players will proudly represent themed teams and earn points based on their performances in both play formats. Each week will pose new challenges like white-knuckle ATK races, masterful golf outings, mini-games, and of course high skill competition every weekend.

American Democracy Is in Crisis

Hillary (ja, die) in The Atlantic:

When you start seeing politics as a zero-sum game and view members of the other party as traitors, criminals, or otherwise illegitimate, then the normal give-and-take of politics turns into a blood sport.


And ultimately, healing our country will come down to each of us, as citizens and individuals, doing the work—trying to reach across divides of race, class, and politics and see through the eyes of people very different from ourselves. When we think about politics and judge our leaders, we can’t just ask, “Am I better off than I was four years ago?” We have to ask, “Are we better off? Are we as a country better, stronger, and fairer?” Democracy works only when we accept that we’re all in this together.


Overcast 5: Watch, Siri, search, and redesign!

Marco Arment over de nieuwe versie van m’n favoriete podcast-app Overcast:

It all started with the watchOS volume widget.

Ferm werk. Het wordt weer serieus wennen, maar dat doet het sowieso.

Die Siri Shortcuts zijn al zwaar de max. Deze morgen wakker geworden en gewoon “Hé Siri, speel podcasts” gezegd en zonder mij te moeten omdraaien of een scherm aan te raken hoorde ik Michael Barbaro’s intro voor The Daily. Zo geniaal.

En hoera voor de mogelijkheid om de sleep timer op het einde van de huidige podcast in te stellen. Dat ga ik ontieglijk vaak gebruiken!

The End of Neutrality


When institutions no longer enjoy credibility across the political spectrum, people look to more ideological sources for confirmation of what they want to believe.

Dé strategie van de helfies: alles wat neutraal is in vraag stellen. Rechters, Unia, commissies… En op die manier alles ideologisch invullen. Het werkt, voor hen, maar het is levensgevaarlijk voor onze samenleving.

Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media

The Guardian:

One 2017 survey of British schoolchildren found that 63% would be happy if social media had never been invented. Another survey of 9,000 internet users from the research firm Ampere Analysis found that people aged 18-24 had significantly changed their attitudes towards social media in the past two years. Whereas 66% of this demographic agreed with the statement “social media is important to me” in 2016, only 57% make this claim in 2018.

De post-sociale-media-generatie komt eraan. Spannende tijden voor communicatiemensen!

How a thirst for beer brought us cereals—and not the other way around


In the past, people have often assumed that beer and other alcohols were produced as a way to use up agricultural waste. But in an article published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, researchers suggested that a taste for beer may have been “an underlying motivation” for the later cultivation of grains used to make bread, cereal, and other foods. Put simply, beer came first.