My Tamagotchi is everything that went wrong with our future

Sarah Jeong bij The Verge:

My smartphone, I’ve realized, is also a Tamagotchi. My laptop is a Tamagotchi. My tablet is a Tamagotchi. These new Tamagotchis have nicer screens and more than three buttons, but more importantly, they’re hooked into much more elaborate guilt trips. Now it‘s not just a virtual pet at stake; it’s my friends, my family, and my work being held hostage in order to keep me pressing these stupid buttons.

Digital Wellness for Grown Ups

Cal Newport:

My sense is that more and more people in our current culture of digital excess are hungry for this type of strong challenge.

They don’t want to depend on Apple to tweak their OS to be slightly less intrusive, or need to download an app that provides a fun reminder about disconnecting; they want instead to be so wrapped up in doing things that are hard and important and meaningful that they forgot where they left their phone in the first place.

Elon Musk and the Unnerving Influence of Twitter’s Power Users

Felix Salmon van Wired:

Twitter is becoming increasingly concentrated on a tiny core of power users. It’s less and less a distributed mode of many-to-many communication, and more and more a broadcasting hub for the elite—a highly unequal place where their least-considered, Ambien-addled opinions get amplified to a global audience of millions.

Twitter, as a company, has encouraged this development. It goes out of its way to coddle the elite: It broadcasts their impressive follower counts, it serves them up a lovely ad-free experience, it showers them with blue checkmarks.

✍️ De internationale krantenwinkel

Deze week moest ik nog eens in Hasselt zijn voor ’t werk. Lekker rondgelopen in de miezerende regen, koffie bij de King Kong, éclair bij Vangrootloon. Een stad in volle verandering, zeker wanneer je er jaren niet bent geweest: wijkjes die vol hippe winkels zitten, zelfs.

Opeens kwam ik langs de International Magazine Store, een keten waar ik vroeger in Leuven ook al eens graag ging snuisteren.

En zo heb ik toch weer veel geld uitgegeven, o.a. aan FourFourTwo (WK voetbal) en Wired (tech). Geniaal voor op die twee schermloze dagen (maandag en vrijdag) die wij elke week houden.

How The Truman Show Predicted the Future

James Charisma voor

While the idea of living life under constant surveillance and scrutiny by an invisible audience of followers at all times may have been a nightmare in 1998, it’s become a reality in 2018. We each have the ability to broadcast our own life’s events, no matter how trivial or mundane, through livestreaming video capability on Facebook and Instagram, by posting photos of our food, or tweeting our every thought — even when our audience may only be the people in our daily lives.

Dringend nog eens herbekijken. Een film die volledig staat met z’n duizenden meta-laagjes. Twintig jaar na datum bleek het een betere voorspeller te zijn dan de toen-gimmicky plot deed vermoeden.

Belgium And England Headline The World Cup’s Most Lopsided Group

FiveThirtyEight met een geniale analyse van onze Rode Duivels:

Tactically, Roberto Martinez’s preferred system brings the best out of Hazard, who will likely flank Lukaku on the left of a front three, but shackles De Bruyne, who may be the world’s best offensive passer. During European qualifying, De Bruyne created just 0.32 “big chances” per 90 minutes, as defined by data firm Opta Sports, compared with 0.55 in the Premier League for Manchester City this season. Thomas Meunier, who plays right wing-back, was one of Belgium’s most important attacking players in qualifying, scoring five goals and assisting on seven. Given that the team’s first choice of left wing-back, Yannick Carrasco, is attack-minded as well, the defensive vulnerability is obvious: Belgium is aiming to out-score, not contain, its opposition.