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Heel interessante blik achter de schermen door het Open Team van The New York Times:

Our first round of prototypes were pretty crude: we built them quickly, with the intention of testing our assumptions and throwing most of them away after gathering data. We started out with simple paper prototypes. (Our favorite was a cardboard and paper iPhone we nicknamed “The pPhone.”)

Why It Took Dunkin’ Donuts 10 Years to Build the Perfect New Cup

Schitterend verhaal bij Entrepeneur over hoe Dunkin’ Donuts hun iconische isomo-bekers al tien jaar probeert te vervangen:

They held focus groups about totally different topics during which they served hot coffee just to watch people interact with potential cups. Murphy became obsessed with the “cup management process,” which told him whether or not a cup was any good. “You’re holding the cup,” he says. “After a few seconds, it starts to get a little bit too hot. So you put it in your left hand while your right hand cools. Then you switch back. And then you end up doing the sort of Maui hang loose, where you put your thumb on the top of the lid and your pinky on the bottom of the cup.” Any test cup that resulted in a Maui hang loose did not go any further. Murphy did not want his customers to have to solve the problem of cups that were too hot to hold; he wanted them to have a cup they could hold with one hand the entire time.

You are not original or creative on Instagram


If it seems when you scroll through your feed that everything looks similar, that’s probably because it is. That artfully constructed shot of your latté and avocado toast brunch? The shot of your feet dangling over the edge of a waterfall? You in the back of a canoe?

It’s been done before. To death.

Few Instagram accounts make that more clear than @insta_repeat, which collects and displays groups of near-identically framed photos from across the photo-sharing social network.

Schitterend! Zie:

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Hairy cow 🐂 PT.II

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Of mijn versie…

Zalig. Dat internet.

Twitter and Shadow Banning

MJ Tsai:

I guess I have no way of knowing whether any tweets have been hidden from me by Twitter’s ranking algorithm. As far as I know, no one I follow has complained about being censored. But I would prefer to just always see everything. If someone I follow is posting bad stuff, I want to know that, and then I can just choose to unfollow them.

100% akkoord.

Stumbles? What Stumbles? Big Tech Is as Strong as Ever

Farhad Manjoo, on a roll, bij The New York Times:

Despite the public outcry, the five are all expanding their foothold in our lives, and the forces arrayed against them, which range from regulation to apathy, aren’t having a substantial impact. To the extent that the five companies face meaningful competition, it is usually from other members of the group; that is, one of the five might steal market share from another without affecting the overall dynamic in the tech business.