Le Mans

Vandaag begint de 24-uursrace van Le Mans. Niet de echte wedstrijd, dat is dit weekend pas, maar de vrije training en de kwalificaties zijn vandaag en morgen. Schema:

Al jaren volg ik Le Mans op Eurosport, nadat ik er in Gran Turismo fan van werd. En het deelnemersveld wordt elk jaar grootser en interessanter door deelnemers uit andere disciplines als Formule 1 en Formula E, met Alonso-Buemi-Nakajima als echte kanshebber en ook Jenson Button die nog eens in een auto kruipt in een team met Vitaly Petrov en Mikhail Aleshin.

The Power of Listening in Helping People Change

Harvard Business Review:

[F]eedback caused performance to decline in 38% of cases. This happened with both positive and negative feedback(…)

Er zijn weinig bazen met aangeboren skills, maar als je er dan toch eentje moet leren, laat het dan deze zijn:

Do not impose your solutions. The role of the listener is to help the speaker draw up a solution themselves. Therefore, when listening to a fellow colleague or subordinate, refrain from suggesting solutions.

Being Bored Is Fun and Good, Sorry

Monica Heisey op Medium:

The entire world is one giant beeping alert to things we should do or can do or will do in the future, things we are doing at that moment but could be doing faster. It’s more or less impossible to be bored. Bored means there are not thousands of to-do’s to accomplish. Bored means it doesn’t matter that there’s not. Bored means you are free. In a time of endless, empty stimuli, it is a thrill to be understimulated. Being bored is wonderful and relaxing and I am going to help you get there. The first step is reading this article and then everything else I have ever written, ha ha, but shhh. Listen now.

How to Take Criticism

Chappell Ellison:

Usually, when we face criticism, we concern ourselves with one question:

Is my work good or bad?

You’ve got to stop asking yourself this. It is torturous. It will make you sad.

Instead, focus on this question: What is the next step I can take to make my work better? And then, focus all your efforts on taking criticism that helps you answer that question.

“The Best Career Advice I’ve Ever Received”

Goeie lijst van advies op A Cup of Jo. Deze stak er voor mij bovenuit:

“Don’t be afraid to disappoint your past self who made a plan that doesn’t fit now. You have learned and changed along the way, and so those past efforts weren’t wasted; they were what you needed to get the perspective you have now. Trust the decisions you made in the past were right for that time, and make the decisions that are right for you now.” — Abigail, ob-gyn