How to Take Criticism

Chappell Ellison:

Usually, when we face criticism, we concern ourselves with one question:

Is my work good or bad?

You’ve got to stop asking yourself this. It is torturous. It will make you sad.

Instead, focus on this question: What is the next step I can take to make my work better? And then, focus all your efforts on taking criticism that helps you answer that question.

“The Best Career Advice I’ve Ever Received”

Goeie lijst van advies op A Cup of Jo. Deze stak er voor mij bovenuit:

“Don’t be afraid to disappoint your past self who made a plan that doesn’t fit now. You have learned and changed along the way, and so those past efforts weren’t wasted; they were what you needed to get the perspective you have now. Trust the decisions you made in the past were right for that time, and make the decisions that are right for you now.” — Abigail, ob-gyn

“Instagram has updated its algorithm again”

Veranderingen bij Instagram:

Instagram will now only show your content to 10 percent of your audience. Not just any 10 percent, but the 10 percent that are most engaged with your content. In other words, if you have 100 followers, your top 10 most engaged followers will see your content in their feed. If your 10 percent of most engaged followers like and comment on your posts, it will be “unleashed” to the other 90 percent. Just like the “snowball effect”, the more engagements you have, the more you’ll get.

Vreemde keuze. Dit creëert toch net filter bubbels?