370 completely different Apple Logos

Het meest Apple ding ooit: elke journalist die uitgenodigd werd voor de persconferentie op 30 oktober kreeg een ander Apple-logo opgestuurd. Found them all, total is 370 completely different Apple Logos. Grab the full quality image from here: https://t.co/fFofU4zrMZEnjoy! pic.twitter.com/2vIipeDxwd — Alireza (@alixrezax) October 19, 2018

Making sense of the most confusing new iPhone lineup ever

Harry McCracken bij Fast Company: For all their similarities, the new phones don’t line up into a digestible good/better/best matrix. The cheapest model, the $749 XR, is the midrange model in terms of size and has a nifty twist—six different color options to choose from—which is unavailable on the XS and XS Max. But if […]

Apple’s secret charm offensive: How an invite-only meeting at Apple’s luxury loft in New York helped transform how software is sold on the iPhone

This Is Insider: The message was clear: successful apps now focus on getting regular engagement from their users, not one-time sales. For developers, that meant embracing the subscription model.