Why You Procrastinate (It Has Nothing to Do With Self-Control)

The New York Times: When faced with a task that makes us feel anxious or insecure, the amygdala — the “threat detector” part of the brain — perceives that task as a genuine threat, in this case to our self-esteem or well-being. Even if we intellectually recognize that putting off the task will create more […]

The golden age of YouTube is over

Julia Alexander op The Verge: YouTube’s pitch decks to advertisers increasingly seem to feature videos from household celebrity names, not creative amateurs. And the creators who have found the most success playing into the platform’s algorithms have all demonstrated profound errors in judgment, turning themselves into cultural villains instead of YouTube’s most cherished assets. En: […]

Fear that far-right terrorists will stage attacks if Brexit is canceled

Cory Doctorow op Boing Boing: Now, with the future of Brexit in doubt, there’s reason to worry that these terror cells will exact vengeance on the UK. Yesterday, a video surfaced of British soldiers using a picture of Jeremy Corbyn — who could well be the next Prime Minister of Britain — for target practice.

What seven years at Airbnb taught me about building a company

Altijd interessant, zo’n artikels zoals deze van Lenny Rachitsky: Since leaving a few weeks ago, before I get too deep into starting my own thing again, I‘ve been jotting down my biggest lessons from these experiences. I quickly realized I should share these lessons with anyone else working to build their own company.