How to Run 13 Design Sprints at Once: Inside Maker Week at The New York Times

Ik hou van hackathons opzetten en begeleiden en dan is het heel interessant om te zien hoe een megabedrijf als The New York Times dat aanpakt: First of all, because the hackathon projects were all new or speculative, there wasn’t a lot of background knowledge to share or politics to work out. Part of what […]

An Oral History of ‘GoldenEye 007’ on the N64

MEL Magazine: Slapping, Klobbs, speedrunning, cheating Oddjobs and more: Everything you ever wanted to know about the creation of the iconic, game-changing FPS Sappige details. Zoals: The multiplayer mode, which is now seen as critical for its big success, was for a long time just a wish-list thing, not a thing that we were definitely […]

12 september

Hopen op: Serieuze verbeteringen aan de iPhone-camera (altijd welkom). Nieuwe Apple Watch met mogelijks een dunner (rond?) design, want de mijne is stilaan aan vervanging toe. En misschien de SIM-versie in ons land? Apple Pay in België.