Elon Musk and the Unnerving Influence of Twitter’s Power Users

Felix Salmon van Wired: Twitter is becoming increasingly concentrated on a tiny core of power users. It’s less and less a distributed mode of many-to-many communication, and more and more a broadcasting hub for the elite—a highly unequal place where their least-considered, Ambien-addled opinions get amplified to a global audience of millions. Twitter, as a […]

Belgium And England Headline The World Cup’s Most Lopsided Group

FiveThirtyEight met een geniale analyse van onze Rode Duivels: Tactically, Roberto Martinez’s preferred system brings the best out of Hazard, who will likely flank Lukaku on the left of a front three, but shackles De Bruyne, who may be the world’s best offensive passer. During European qualifying, De Bruyne created just 0.32 “big chances” per […]

The Power of Listening in Helping People Change

Harvard Business Review: [F]eedback caused performance to decline in 38% of cases. This happened with both positive and negative feedback(…) Er zijn weinig bazen met aangeboren skills, maar als je er dan toch eentje moet leren, laat het dan deze zijn: Do not impose your solutions. The role of the listener is to help the […]