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The Streaming Era Has Finally Arrived. Everything Is About to Change.

Interessante tijden, aldus ook The New York Times: The onslaught is upending how Hollywood does business in almost every way. Gerelateerd: Bij Business Casual, de podcast van de uitstekende dagelijkse nieuwsbrief Morning Brew, hadden ze het er ook over met iemand die er heel veel van af wist. Geweldig interessante aflevering. Ik parafraseer: We don’t […]

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How Joe Buhlig’s Shabbat Helps Him Stay Intentional

Schermloze dagen for the win. Zo herkenbaar, dit interview op The Sweet Setup: I was on the floor in our living room playing with my oldest daughter who was one and a half at the time. I was chasing her all over the house and she was giggling to no end. Life was good. But […]

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“We Followed the President’s Orders”: Gordon Sondland’s Testimony Likely Assures Trump’s Impeachment

Het kaartenhuisje begint te vallen, aldus The New Yorker: Sondland testified under oath that the President manipulated U.S. foreign policy for his personal benefit, and that the White House is blocking the release of specific documents that corroborate Sondland’s account. For those Republican senators who have tried to maintain some distance from the President, the […]

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Not Longer Life

Prachtig kunstproject dat stillevens namaakt in de huidige tijd, inclusief belachelijk veel plastic verpakking:

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In China, every day is Kristallnacht

The Washington Post: Workers in the world of human rights tend to be highly reticent when it comes to Nazi analogies. The Holocaust was a unique event. Yet at the unveiling of the report last week, the Holocaust kept pushing itself into the conversation as the only adequate point of comparison. Omer Kanat, director and […]

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We need to let go of our misguided devotion to personal agency

Eliza Anyangwe op The Correspondent: Where do you even start with joining with your neighbours to bring about change in your neighbourhood if you don’t know who your neighbours are? Giving money to a cause, buying Fairtrade roses and sugar, signing an online petition: one can do all these things without having to deal with […]

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Why Groups Struggle to Solve Problems Together

Harvard Business Review: We assume our go-to way for solving problems alone, intuitively, can be effectively deployed to solve problems together. But more often than not, it can’t. Instead, we should hold methodical meetings, discussions that deliberately and explicitly aim to conquer just one stage at a time.

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De Kluis, Sint-Joris-Weert, 11 november 2019

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Adios, PowerPoint. This Simple Document Template Makes Meetings Shorter, Sweeter, and Smarter

Interessant template: Here’s a six-section template specifically customized for use as a briefing document for an internal meeting that’s intended to drive toward a decision.

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