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A day to mourn

Chris Grey op zijn The Brexit Blog: That record will show how Britain has made an historic strategic error, leaving it poorer and weaker. It is a strategic error without even being a strategic decision. Unlike the day that Britain joined what became the EU, which was the outcome of years of careful planning and […]

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Heroes of the 2010s: Fearless, Fed-Up Students Who Called Out All the Bullshit

Mother Jones: Enough is enough, they said, and their howls for action on guns and climate policy now define a new generation of activist: They ok-boomered the old guard with digital-native nuance that deflected even the most savage attack, making critics look precious and obsessed.

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“It’s not social media, it’s private media”

Naar aanloop van de Britse verkiezingen was ik een vaste luisteraar van de Talking Politics-podcast. Een panel met kennis van zaken gaat daar elke week in gesprek over alle aspecten van de politiek in het Verenigd Koninkrijk. Tijdens zo’n aflevering viel er een quote die me sindsdien is blijven achtervolgen. Alleen weet ik niet meer […]

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How Facebook’s Political Ad System Is Designed to Polarize

Doordenkertje: By optimizing for what it defines as “relevance,” Facebook puts its thumb on the scale in favor of a certain kind of political communication, the kind that focuses on engaging with people who are already on your side. Polarization, in other words, is part of the business model.

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I asked my students to turn in their cell phones and write about living without them.

Interessant experiment met (voor mij) enkele verrassende bevindingen. But after just two weeks, the majority began to think that their cell phones were in fact limiting their relationships with other people, compromising their own lives, and somehow cutting them off from the “real” world.

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I Loved Bike Touring—Until I Got Paid to Do It

Deze quote van Caitlin Giddings is pijnlijk herkenbaar: Getting paid to do what I loved made me realize that I needed to find something new to love. Ik maakte ook al enkele keren van mijn hobby mijn beroep. En da’s eigenlijk al elke keer pijnlijk en eindig geweest. Nu zit ik voor de eerste keer […]

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It’s 2020 and you’re in the future

Tim Urban van het fantastische Wait But Why: We’re now in charge of making this a cool decade so when people 100 years from now are thinking about how incredibly old-timey the 2020s were, it’s old-timey in a cool appealing way and not a boring shitty way. En ook deze: When World War 2 started, […]

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What obligation do social media platforms have to the greater good?

Geweldige TED Talk van Eli Pariser, de man die zoveel jaar geleden het visionaire “The Filter Bubble” schreef:

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Planckendael, 1 januari 2020

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