Maand: maart 2020

  • We’re not going back to normal

    MIT Technology Review: But it won’t end there. As long as someone in the world has the virus, breakouts can and will keep recurring without stringent controls to contain them. In a report yesterday (pdf), researchers at Imperial College London proposed a way of doing this: impose more extreme social distancing measures every time admissions […]

  • The Doctor Who Helped Defeat Smallpox Explains What’s Coming

    Wired: The world is not going to begin to look normal until three things have happened. One, we figure out whether the distribution of this virus looks like an iceberg, which is one-seventh above the water, or a pyramid, where we see everything. If we’re only seeing right now one-seventh of the actual disease because […]

  • How the Pandemic Will End

    Wat een artikel! Van Ed Yong in The Atlantic.

  • Honest Trailers | Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

  • Basecamp’s Jason Fried on the Learning Curve of Remote Work

    99U: A lot of companies are on autopilot, without taking time to reconsider how they do things. When something knocks you off course—this is as off-course as we could imagine—it gives people a moment to look around and see what needs to change. We don’t need to do everything as we did in the office. […]

  • How we can redesign cities to fight future pandemics

    Adele Peters voor Fast Company: If you’re walking around the city and there’s actually nowhere where you can wash your hands or use a public toilet, you’ve actually created a scenario that you’re forcing people to actually take risks that they maybe don’t want to take. Dat stoort me al heel lang: het gebrek aan […]

  • How to Spend the Time

    Dahlia Lithwick op Slate: Now we are in the next phase, or if you aren’t, you may soon be. This is the phase in which you begin to fill your newfound time learning that someone you know has the virus, someone else you know is extremely sick with the virus, and someone you know has […]

  • Five Trends Shaping Medium-Term Policy

    Quillette: One early prototype for the kind of flexible and graduated policy that all nations may eventually adopt is provided by New Zealand, which now has a system of four COVID-19 “alert levels”: (1) Prepare, (2) Reduce, (3) Restrict, and (4) Eliminate.

  • Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance

    Thomas Pueyo in een uitgebreid Medium-artikel: During the Hammer period, politicians want to lower R as much as possible, through measures that remain tolerable for the population. In Hubei, they went all the way to 0.32. We might not need that: maybe just to 0.5 or 0.6. But during the Dance of the R period, […]

  • These famous logos have been remade for the coronavirus age

    AdAge: Jure Tovrljan, a creative director based in Slovenia, has given makeovers to famous brand’s logos to make them more relevant for the coronavirus age. Geniaal: