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The shape of New York becomas a mask in the MTA’s colorful poster campaign

Prachtige campagne van het openbaar vervoer in New York om het dragen van een mondmasker te promoten:

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Hello Internet

Brady Haran: Since February 2020 the show has been on a break – or a HI-atus! After six years, we’re just having a rest. We remain good mates and are both healthy – there has been no drama or problem to worry about (but thank you for your emails and messages). Ik mis dit.

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How Facebook Works for Trump

The Atlantic met een goeie weergave van Facebook Advertising: Facebook wants users to spend as much time as possible on its site. To incentivize that, the company makes more engaging ads less expensive to run. So to lower their costs, marketers can either make ads that perform better or find audiences that respond well to […]

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That sound you hear is not Joe Biden snoring

Frank Bruni in z’n nieuwsbrief voor The New York Times: I have worried for decades about how thinly informed many voters are. My greater worry now is about how lavishly misinformed they are. The age of the internet is perilously suited to hoaxes and conspiracy theories and all other manner of hysteria and fakery.

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