Maand: november 2020

  • Gaining Back Our Time

    Ashley Willans van Harvard Business School in een kort interview in de Campaigns & Elections Creative nieuwsbrief: One of the types of time that goes missing in the work-from-home environment is the casual conversation. These spontaneous mechanisms are what drives innovation. Hier heb ik de laatste weken echt serieus last van. Zowel op ’t werk, […]

  • An updated daily front page of The New York Times as artwork on your wall

    Alexander Klöpping: Every morning, I wake up to a fresh edition of the Times on my wall. Prijzig, maar zalig idee.

  • Why the Election Wasn’t a Biden Landslide

    Annie Lowrey in The Atlantic: Many voters were buffered from the financial repercussions of joblessness, unequal in terms of their experience of the downturn, and polarized in terms of their understanding of who was responsible for it and how bad things were. That helped Trump in 2020. Just not enough. Interessant perspectief. Hoe staten die […]

  • Game combats political misinformation by letting players undermine democracy

    University of Cambridge: The perceived reliability of misinformation dropped an average of 16% in those who completed Harmony Square compared to their assessment prior to playing. The game also reduced willingness to share fake news with others by 11%. Importantly, the players’ own politics – whether they leaned left or right – made no difference.  Goed initiatief!

  • The election shows the United States is a broken country

    Sarah Kendzior: Regardless who is deemed president, Tuesday’s results were again, as I wrote in 2016, a moral loss for the United States. Mr. Trump still got millions to vote for him. Unlike 2016, they were not voting for a hypothetical president, the strongman savior he advertised himself to be. They voted for a known […]

  • Cheat Sheet voor vannacht

    Het wordt vooral (uit)kijken naar Pennsylvania en Florida. En een beetje minder ook naar North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan en Georgia.

  • Friluftsliv

    BBC Worklife: Today, the phrase is used more broadly by Swedes, Norwegians and Danes to explain anything from lunchtime runs in the forest, to commuting by bike (or on cross-country skis when the snow falls) to joining friends at a lakeside sauna (often followed by a chilly dip in the water) or simply relaxing in […]