Maand: januari 2021

  • Apple is again extending TV Plus trials to July

    Schone geste: With the latest announcement, anybody with an Apple TV+ subscription that was set to expire from now until June will instead expire in July 2021. Ik vond ‘Central Park’, ‘The Morning Show’, ‘Ted Lasso’, ‘Defending Jacob’, ‘Boys State’, ‘Palmer’, ‘For All Mankind’ en ‘Dickinson’ serieuze meerwaardes voor iets wat gratis bij een iPhone […]

  • House Democrats Briefed On 3 Terrifying Plots To Overthrow Government

    Angstaanjagend: Democrats were told that the Capitol Police and the National Guard were preparing for potentially tens of thousands of armed protesters coming to Washington and were establishing rules of engagement for warfare.

  • An Engineering Argument for Basic Income

    Scott Santens: We wouldn’t create a life support system on a space station where in order to receive oxygen, one would need to work to obtain it. Life support is life support. Dead people can’t work. So make sure people get oxygen so they can stay alive. Living people will do much more work than […]