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Who Would I Be Without Instagram?

Tavi Gevinson: I think I am a writer and an actor and an artist. But I haven’t believed the purity of my own intentions ever since I became my own salesperson, too.

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In its insatiable pursuit of power, Silicon Valley is fuelling the climate crisis

Rebecca Solnit: Though many have used technology to further democracy and participation, big tech doesn’t want us to be citizens. It wants us to be consumers.

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2020 Planner: two zero to zero

Interessant project: During the current era of global warming, you may be wondering what you can do about it and whether your efforts will make any difference at all. Without being moralistic or taking up a strong position, this organizer discloses facts to raise awareness, provides answers, and offers information that will make you think.

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Matt Lucas and David Walliams return to BBC Radio 4 for one-off special, Little Brexit

Driewerf hoera! Characters we’ll be hearing from include Dafydd, Vicky Pollard, Emily Howard, Marjorie Dawes, Mr Mann, and Lou and Andy.

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Vennbahn: The World’s Weirdest Border?

Over een streepje België in Duitsland:

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Westmalle dubbel shampoo

Zie! In de Kempische trappistenabdijen schuimt het! De zusters van Brecht maken zeepproducten en de paters van Westmalle trappistenbier. De Westmalle Dubbel, gebrouwen op amper 5 kilometer van de abdij van Brecht, werd toegevoegd aan een kwaliteitsshampoo van de zusters trappistinnen en zo werd de TRAPP. trappistenbiershampoo ontwikkeld. Bier bezit bestanddelen die gunstig zijn voor […]

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‘Centrism Is Canceled’: High Schoolers Debate the Impeachment Inquiry

Deze leerkracht in The New York Times is mijn nieuwe held: So, for two 90-minute class periods, Mr. Dier’s seniors pretended to be members of Congress, but without the bluster and sniping — dutifully obeying the signs on the walls about how to respectfully agree to disagree.

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There’s now a free font based on Climate Strike hero Greta Thunberg’s handwriting

Hehe, “Greta Grotesk”, zie:

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Dear Young People, You Terrify Me

Hank Green:

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