How the biggest decentralized social network is dealing with its Nazi problem

The Verge: The internet has given billions of people a way to amplify their voices, but the trade-offs have become tangible. Abolishing gatekeepers can allow misinformation and hate to flourish. Uncensored online forums can become co-opted by bigots and harassers, silencing their less powerful targets. And in the face of violent supremacist movements targeting real […]

Dan Mace: Breaking the law in international waters (with cop and gang lord)

Dat nieuwe project van Dan, waar hij over heel de wereld vraagt om zaadjes met zotte ideeën te plaatsen op een kaart en dat hij dan elke week eentje uitkiest om daar creatief mee om te gaan, dat is echt zo zwaar de max. Zowel als concept, maar zeker ook in zijn uitvoering.

Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

Fintan O’Toole in de Irish Times: The blooding process has begun within the democratic world. The muscles that the propaganda machines need for defending the indefensible are being toned up. Millions and millions of Europeans and Americans are learning to think the unthinkable. So what if those black people drown in the sea? So what […]

If Your Boss Could Do Your Job, You’re More Likely to Be Happy at Work

Opvallend onderzoek: When we look closely at the data, a striking pattern emerges. The benefit of having a highly competent boss is easily the largest positive influence on a typical worker’s level of job satisfaction. Even we were surprised by the size of the measured effect. For instance, among American workers, having a technically competent […]

Why Donald Trump Suddenly Decided to Talk About the Environment

Bill McKibben in The New Yorker: By now, we are used to Trump’s big-lie technique. Even by that standard, however, the claim that “we are working harder than many previous Administrations, maybe almost all of them,” on environmental protection will be believed by exactly no one for whom words have not yet lost their common-sense […]