The tiny nation leading a new space race

Luxemburg, begot!

There now are 10 space-mining companies (including ispace) legally domiciled in Luxembourg since the launch of the country’s space resources law in February 2016. This was fuelled by a fund worth $223m (200m euros/£176m).


Luxembourg’s Space Resources Act opened a floodgate for investment, with the ministry of economy now saying the space industry accounts for some 1.8% of the nation’s GDP, the highest ratio of any EU country.

Democracy Isn’t Perfect, But It Will Still Prevail

James Stavridis voor TIME:

We can all hope that the battle to defend democracy will be less costly in the 21st century than in the previous one. We can enhance our chances of winning by empowering women, boosting programs that fight economic inequality and teaching our children the critical thinking skills they need to separate truth from lies.

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What if people were paid for their data?

Interessant gedachte-experiment bij The Economist:

Labour, like data, is a resource that is hard to pin down. Workers were not properly compensated for labour for most of human history. Even once people were free to sell their labour, it took decades for wages to reach liveable levels on average. History won’t repeat itself, but chances are that it will rhyme, Mr Weyl predicts in “Radical Markets”, a provocative new book he has co-written with Eric Posner of the University of Chicago. He argues that in the age of artificial intelligence, it makes sense to treat data as a form of labour.

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7 Things to Start Being More Productive, Today

Dit. Dit. Dit.

There’s a notable distinction between being busy and being productive. Being busy doesn’t always necessarily mean you’re being productive. Despite what some might believe, being productive is less about time management and more on managing your energy. It’s the business of life. It’s learning how to spend the least amount of energy to get the most benefits.

Ik ben echt de luiste mens die ik ken. En net daarom ben ik zo productief.

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Podcast-tip: De Social Podcast: #stormpoolen en sociale media bij de Nederlandse Spoorwegen met Gerjan Vasse

Zoals altijd een heel interessante blik bij onze Noorderburen:

Jaap van Zessen was vandaag met de trein én op tijd voor zijn gesprek met Gerjan Vasse, die bij de NS verantwoordelijk is voor de digitale reputatie. Welke afwegingen maakt de NS bij de online gesprekken met mensen die hun hulp nodig hebben? En hoeveel berichten komen er eigenlijk op zo’n organisatie af? Thomas Boeschoten (AD en Utrecht Data School) schuift aan als sidekick. De podcast is geproduceerd door Klap van de Molen producties.

Podcast-tip: The Cycling Podcast: Kilometre 0 – Pavé

Aangename mini-aflevering van The Cycling Podcast over de kasseienrit in de Tour:

In this episode of Kilometre 0, Lionel Birnie heads out on to the pavé to witness one of the most dramatic Tour de France stages in years. The morning after the French national holiday and with France playing in the World Cup final later that evening there was a huge, enthusiastic crowd out on the roads. But for the riders it was a case of chaos, crashes and hoping for the best…

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