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Trump’s Ludicrous Attack on Big Tech

Kara Swisher in The New York Times: It’s certainly not good for most of the rest of us, who have to wade through the ever-growing digital muck on a daily basis to utilize what is actually good about it. (It’s pretty much down to the game Fortnite and meditation apps now.)

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9to5mac Exclusive: Apple Watch Series 4 revealed

Hier. Verkocht!

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12 september

Hopen op: Serieuze verbeteringen aan de iPhone-camera (altijd welkom). Nieuwe Apple Watch met mogelijks een dunner (rond?) design, want de mijne is stilaan aan vervanging toe. En misschien de SIM-versie in ons land? Apple Pay in België.

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Offscreen Magazine #20

Onmiddelijk besteld én een abonnement genomen op de volgenden. De vorige 5 edities waren geweldig interessant. Zware aanrader.

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This Is Personal

Stephen Curry, basketbalspeler: I want our girls to grow up knowing that there are no boundaries that can be placed on their futures, period.

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Anti-vax fears drive a measles outbreak in Europe

The Economist: In the past decade, measles-vaccination rates in some European countries have often fallen below those in parts of Africa. 🙄

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The world is a terrible place right now, and that’s largely because it is what we make it.

Wil Wheaton (ja, die van TV): I see this in the online space all the time now: mobs of people, acting in bad faith, can make people they don’t know and will likely never meet miserable, or even try to ruin their lives and careers (look at what they did to James Gunn). And those mobs’ […]

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Solving All the Wrong Problems

Allison Arieff in The New York Times: We are overloaded daily with new discoveries, patents and inventions all promising a better life, but that better life has not been forthcoming for most. In fact, the bulk of the above list targets a very specific (and tiny!) slice of the population. As one colleague in tech […]

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Good riddance, Twitter

Thomas Fuchs: Fuck you Jack Dorsey. Fuck you, all you douchebros and douchesisters running Twitter. You’re abusers. You ceaselessly optimize Twitter for the most possible abuse of its users to drive “engagement” and keep those eyes on the timelines with a never ending barrage of abusive crap. I feel this more and more every day. […]

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Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism’s Imminent Demise

Motherboard: Rather, these crises are part of the same fundamental transition to a new era characterized by inefficient fossil fuel production and the escalating costs of climate change. Conventional capitalist economic thinking can no longer explain, predict, or solve the workings of the global economy in this new age, the paper says.

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