Raising our probability of being right

Paul Jarvis in zijn uitstekende nieuwsbrief the Sunday Dispatches:

Whether it’s an editor, agent or cofounder, their job is to challenge me—if they don’t push against my ideas with vigour, they aren’t doing their job well or doing my work justice. Being challenged helps us make our work and ideas stronger. It aids us in making them larger truths. I don’t know why so many people, especially creatives, shy away from being challenged—it’s definitely tough and sometimes a hard pill to swallow, but think about it: these people we ask to challenge what we believe are after the same goal—to make what we think and what we create the best it can be. We’re on the same page and after the same outcome. Besides, if we can’t convince one or a few other people of our logic, how logical is what we’re saying anyway?

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