On Social Media, No Answers for Hate

The New York Times: Instagram, which was created as a site for people to share curated photos of their food, adorable pets and cute children, has largely avoided scrutiny over disinformation and hate content — especially when compared with its parent, Facebook. But social media researchers said that the site had over the last year […]

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Facebook’s recent ‘bear hug’ of Instagram frustrated its independent founders, leading to their exit

Kurt Wagner op Recode: Over the past year, both Systrom and Krieger have grown increasingly frustrated and agitated with Zuckerberg and Facebook’s increased influence over the app, according to multiple sources. One characterized it as “bizarre meddling” that hurt morale within the unit.

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You are not original or creative on Instagram

Quartzy: If it seems when you scroll through your feed that everything looks similar, that’s probably because it is. That artfully constructed shot of your latté and avocado toast brunch? The shot of your feet dangling over the edge of a waterfall? You in the back of a canoe? It’s been done before. To death. […]

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