WWDC sprokkels

Ook elders werd en wordt wel wat geschreven over de Apple Keynote. Hier verzamel ik wat sprokkels.

Jason Snell, 512 Pixels:

Well, guess what. You can’t initiate a Sidecar session from an iPad—it’s a Mac feature that is initiated from a Mac. Which means that everyone who has extolled the virtues of using Luna Display with a headless Mac mini won’t see that feature replaced by Sidecar.

Ben Thompson, Stratechery:

Apple is going to leverage its monopoly position as app provider on the iPhone to force developers (who use 3rd party solutions) to use Sign In With Apple. Keep in mind, that also means building Sign In With Apple into related websites, and even Android apps, at least if you want users to be able to login anywhere other than their iPhones. It was quite the announcement, particularly on a day where it became clear that Apple was a potential target of U.S. antitrust investigators.

Blijkbaar lanceerden ze een nieuw, klassieker lettertype ‘New York’, dat je gewoon gratis kan downloaden en gebruiken. It’s Nice That:

The developers say “this all-new, Apple-designed serif typeface is based on essential aspects of historical type styles,” noting that it is designed to function either on its or own or alongside San Francisco, the family of fonts which have dominated Apple devices since being launched in 2014.

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