Memo to the media: Stop spreading Trump’s fake news

Greg Sargent in The Washington Post:

It is a great irony of the current political moment: By broadcasting forth Trump’s lies in tweets and headlines — while declining to inform readers that they are just that, and while burying the truth deep within accompanying articles — the organizations that Trump regularly derides as “fake news” are themselves spreading a species of fake news.

Near Term Human Extinction

T.A. Fave op Medium:

Near-term human extinction is a real concern. It is not only possible, it is probable. We have already locked in several degrees over what has ever been experienced by the species homo. We are not yet experiencing the warming that is a result of carbon dioxide added in the last ten years. Climate change that we see is far from being a knee jerk reaction of the environment. We are always about ten years behind.

How a Fortnite squad of scientists is hoping to defeat climate change

Geniaal idee.

The Verge:

Every Sunday for two hours, Drake jumps into Fortnite, bringing climate-themed guests — such as Dessler and Peter Griffith, the founding director of NASA’s Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems Office — with him. While they play (and stream to Twitch), they chat about climate change. The three-month-old squad has set out to make climate change information accessible to Fortnite fans.


So far, the public service these scientists are doing isn’t getting a ton of traction. Journalists (hi again!) and people on Science Twitter think it’s great, but Drake reports there are only about three to five “regulars” who tune in to every stream and ask questions. Drake hopes that number will increase and notes his sessions get a few dozen more viewers once they go up on YouTube; he’s also expanding his efforts to a game called Eco that is entirely focused on mitigating climate change.

Growing Anti-Semitism in Germany – ‘We Are Facing a Monster’

Charlotte Knobloch in een interview in Der Spiegel. Wie is die vrouw?

Charlotte Knobloch was born in Munich in 1932. She avoided deportation when a former family servant claimed she was her own daughter out of wedlock. Her father survived the war as a forced laborer. Knobloch has been president of the Israeli Cultural Union for Munich and Upper Bavaria since 1985. From 2006 to 2010, she was president of the Central Council for Jews in Germany.

Niet niemand, dus. En wat heeft ze te zeggen?

Personally, I feel like it is 1928 again.

En ook:

My hopes are very much pinned on young people who are more interested in the history of their own country than was the case 10 or 15 years ago.

Red de politieke journalistiek van de dood

De Nederlander Jan Kuitenbrouwer met een vlammend en terecht pleidooi:

De politieke journalistiek zit op een dood spoor. Het is tijd voor een nieuwe rolverdeling.

De politiek wil werkelijkheden creëren. De taak van de journalistiek is om werkelijkheden te beschrijven. Vandaar mijn suggestie: vergeet wat politici allemaal zeggen en kijk meer naar wat zij doen. Sluit die Haagse redacties. Gooi een doek over die kooi. Dan wordt het stil, en kunnen wij onze aandacht richten op zaken die er echt toe doen.

Google Suppresses Memo Revealing Plans to Closely Track Search Users in China

The Intercept, enkele weken geleden:

The Dragonfly memo reveals that a prototype of the censored search engine was being developed as an app for both Android and iOS devices, and would force users to sign in so they could use the service. The memo confirms, as The Intercept first reported last week, that users’ searches would be associated with their personal phone number. The memo adds that Chinese users’ movements would also be stored, along with the IP address of their device and links they clicked on. It accuses developers working on the project of creating “spying tools” for the Chinese government to monitor its citizens.