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Why are Africa’s coronavirus successes being overlooked?

Afua Hirsch in The Guardian: But what has also happened is that many African nations, realising early on that large-scale, expensive testing and hospitalisation was not an option for the populations, had no choice but to take a more creative approach.

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Mimicking Brooklyn, four SF parks adopt social distancing circles

Zie hoe cool!

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‘Mythic Quest: Quarantine’: 40 iPhones, $600K for Charity and a Cast and Crew Eager to Keep Going

De corona-aflevering van Mythic Quest (op Apple TV+) is het allerbeste dat ik dit jaar al gestreamd heb. The Hollywood Reporter deed een interview met de makers, die ook de hoofdrolspelers zijn, over hoe ze dat hebben aangepakt: But our feeling was that when we’re done with this quarantine, people are not going to want […]

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What if You Don’t Want to Go Back to the Office?

The New York Times: Any kind of flexibility is something that people are really, really ripe for, just some control over where and when they work. +1!

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Raising our probability of being right

Paul Jarvis in zijn uitstekende nieuwsbrief the Sunday Dispatches: Whether it’s an editor, agent or cofounder, their job is to challenge me—if they don’t push against my ideas with vigour, they aren’t doing their job well or doing my work justice. Being challenged helps us make our work and ideas stronger. It aids us in […]

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Good Leadership Is About Communicating “Why”

Harvard Business Review: When someone asks you to alter a current behavior, your first question is usually why? Because you’re not going to try something new or hard unless you’re motivated to do so.

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The Only Knife Skills Guide You Need

Joshua Weissman op YouTube, om me te tonen dat ik na meer dan vijftien jaar koken en nog langer kookprogramma’s kijkend, nog niet eens een mes tegoei kon vasthouden… 🤯

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What Happens Next? COVID-19 Futures, Explained With Playable Simulations

Geniaal, verhelderend en bovenal begrijpbaar: Even under a pessimistic scenario, it is possible to beat COVID-19, while protecting our mental and financial health.Use the lockdown as a “reset button”, keep R < 1 with case isolation + privacy-protecting contract tracing + at least cloth masks for all… and life can get back to a normal-ish! […]

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68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice

Kevin Kelly, die van Wired, maakte een crème van een lijstje: It’s my birthday. I’m 68. I feel like pulling up a rocking chair and dispensing advice to the young ‘uns. Here are 68 pithy bits of unsolicited advice which I offer as my birthday present to all of you

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I Am a Mad Scientist

Kate Marvel, klimaatwetenschapper bij NASA: There is an entrenched system that extracts CO2 from the ground and pumps it into the atmosphere, one that results not from inherent human badness but from the choices of a few humans with power. Confronting that system will take work. We need to build things: wind turbines, solar panels, public transportation, […]

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