‘And for His Next Act, Ev Williams Will Fix the Internet’

Kevin Roose van The New York Times zat samen met Ev Williams, de man achter Blogger, Twitter en Medium:

But if Mr. Williams isn’t ready to denounce social media, he is at least muting its effects in his own life. He still uses Twitter, but he has turned off most mobile notifications, and he tries to leave his phone behind when he’s with his friends or his kids. He is reading less daily news these days, he said, and more books and long-form articles.

“That’s been healthy for me,” he said. “I feel the effects of that.”

Listening to an architect of the fast-twitch internet extol the benefits of books and magazines is a little odd, like watching Chef Boyardee open a farm-to-table restaurant. But Mr. Williams is not alone among tech leaders in his quest for a slower and more balanced media diet.

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